Roaming the ROM Part 2

After spending a portion of our visit viewing the insides of dinosaurs – we transitioned to viewing the outsides of taxidermic animals. For those of you who know me, I thoroughly enjoy taxidermy and find birds to be absolutely fascinating. So a whole room of taxidermic birds ‘caught’ in flight, stunning.

ROM_Bird_1_sm ROM_Bird_2_sm ROM_Bird_3_sm ROM_Bird_4_sm


The bird room transitioned into a combination of mammals and under-the-sea creatures. The ‘Bat Cave’ was overrated – but everything else was really well done. We stayed until the museum started ushering everyone out at the end of the day.


“Bye Buddy, Hope you find your dad!” – Mr. Narwhale from Elf

ROM_Animal_1_sm ROM_Animal_4_sm ROM_Animal_5_sm


Roaming the ROM Part 1

The absolute number 1 thing to do in the Top 10 Things To Do in Toronto guidebook suggested a visit to the Royal Ontario Museum (otherwise known as the ROM). I suppose you could equate it to Chicago’s Field Museum – but if memory serves correctly (I haven’t been to the Field Museum in quite some time), the ROM is much, much bigger. After viewing a fantastic exhibit on Mesopotamia (no photos allowed, boo!) detailing the various civilizations that inhabited that region, we found ourselves upstairs in THE BIGGEST DINOSAUR EXHIBIT I’VE EVER SEEN! While I’m no dino-fanatic (like my good friend Meg happens to be), I can appreciate a good skeletal re-creation. The ROM’s dinosaur exhibit blew me away – it just. kept. going…. I appreciated the sheer quantity of dinosaurs on display as well as the quality of the overall exhibit. The majority of the skeletal structures were labeled in a way to show the viewer which bones were legit, and which ones were re-created to complete the overall picture. Below are some of my favorite photos that I took while touring the dinosaur exhibit (photos were allowed in this part of the museum).















Pre-historic Moose *I think*

Pre-historic Moose *I think*

Pre-historic sloth. The overall species seems to have become increasingly laid back looking over the centuries...

Pre-historic sloth. The overall species seems to have become increasingly laid back looking over the centuries…

"Ah yes, the little known pre-historic species, the Dasani" – Mike

“Ah yes, the little known pre-historic species, the Dasani” – Mike