Christmas is probably next week at this point

Earlier this week I realized that I needed all of my pre-Christmas Etsy orders to come in before December 10th in order to get them delivered before the holiday (for International orders I need them by December 1st!) At that point December 10th was a mere 13 days away. Then I looked at my gift-buying list and only saw a few people completed, and by a few, I mean one actually finished. After that I looked around at the semi-unpacked Christmas decorations filling the living room and the ready-to-be packed Fall & Thanksgiving decorations covering the dining room table. I felt so behind and December hadn’t even started yet. I know that I’m going to blink and it’s going to be Christmas week.

When did December go from being a long month filled with anticipation, to a month that feels akin to walking up the down side of an escalator? Saturday trips to the mall have been replaced with checking Amazon between design projects. Christmas crafts have become pins on my holiday Pinterest board – never really coming to fruition. The smell of holiday baking is coming from a candle rather than the oven. How do two busy adults who are always working, and only see each other twice a week, find the time to get into the Christmas spirit? Normally this would be where I launch into another paragraph describing how we plan to be festive. But I don’t have the answer to that right now – and may not have an answer for that at all this holiday season.