I’ll Have What He’s Having

There are some topics that you just know my family is going to pick up and run with. We’re pretty predictable in that sense. And it is because of that, that I know that when the Olympics start and we get our first glimpse of Bob Costas, much heckling will occur. You see, we decided several Olympics back, that the man doesn’t age. He’s actually 60 years old – and still looks the same as he did when we saw him 2 years ago in Vancouver, 2 years before that in Beijing, and so on and so forth back to his first Olympics in 1992. Mr. Costas has mastered the art of suspending time. Or should I say, whoever is working on his appearance (be it surgical or make-up, I don’t want to insinuate anything since I have no facts) has mastered the art of suspending time.

Let’s take a look shall we (I’d hoped to go all the way back throughout his Olympic debuts, however the size of the internet in the 1990’s has made that difficult):

I think this is Torino 2006
Image from http://berrydna.blogspot.com/2007_01_01_archive.html

Vancouver 2010
Image from nymag.com

London 2012
Image from nydailynews.com

What magic elixir is he drinking and where can I find it?! (Actually, I’m still being carded for Rated R movies on occasion and I’m 25, so perhaps I don’t need that elixir just yet…)

And since I was on a image searching roll, here are a couple more gems 🙂

Not sure what’s going on here.
Image from sportsgrindent.com

Not sure what year this is from, let’s say just assume that was 2002…
Image from thesportsbank.net

And finally, in a shocking twist of events, I found a photo of Bob looking closer to his age! Featuring some gray hair and natural-looking wrinkles. I’m not sure if this is him without cosmetics or someone’s computer-generated age image of what he’s supposed to look like at 60…

A natural looking Bob Costas.
© AP Photo by Evan Agostini.

So there you have it, my family’s odd fascination with the many faces, and by many I mean one unaging face, of Mr. Bob Costas, the face of the Olympics.