Picture Perfect

Social media and blogs are famous for only showing the best of the best. Carefully curated images of stunning vacations, hearty meals, adorable children, and pristine living rooms. If you could smell what’s wafting from my stove right now… you’d be glad you weren’t in my house.

Yes, I have an adorable baby, I do take some fantastic vacation photos (full disclosure, I have a degree in photography), and on occasion can bust out a photo-worthy meal. Yes, I make my own baby food, put care into decorating my house, and sometimes I get around to actually posting about the aforementioned things on my blog. But, as any mom human will tell you, everything can’t go according to plan.

After putting Luke down for his first nap of the day, I tiptoed up to my office (I like to keep the house quiet during his naps, less so for Luke, and more so for myself to enjoy some uninterrupted peace and quiet) to get some work done. With priority number one checked off my to-do list, I decided to check something quick off the list and paid two bills. No sooner had I clicked submit than Luke woke up. Looked like I was only going to get a 40 minute nap out of him (usually the first one sets the tone for the day and is at least an hour. A clingy tired baby and a second 40 minute nap later, and here we are:

Let me preface by saying that I prefer to make baby food while Luke’s awake so that the food processor doesn’t cut a strong nap short. Plus, I can put him in his high chair and get at least two types of food made before he looses interest. That doesn’t mean I don’t still try to make 4-5 types of food (one day I’ll learn).

I hardly count bananas as a thing because they require zero prep. Just peel and stick in the food processor. Everything else needs to be boiled soft before it can be turned to mush. So with the bananas done and the squash and blueberries each boiling in their own pots, I started to peel the sweet potatoes. I set them to the side when I was finished, and pulled the blueberries off the stove, blended them, and poured them into containers. Since Luke eats more now, instead of using ice cube trays, I fill Dixie cups.

Luke started fussing as I was putting my blueberry-filled Dixie cups into the freezer and I missed the shelf. Warm blueberry compote spilled all over the freezer, my pants, and the floor. I had to jump into action to avoid stains everywhere. For the next several minutes I wiped blueberries off of the freezer and floor while Luke continued to fuss – he didn’t understand that blueberries don’t waste time staining everything they touch. Eventually I decided that the kitchen was ‘good enough’ and decided that the pants needed to get into the washing machine asap if they were going to be spared.

After starting the washing machine, I put the sweet potatoes on the stove to boil and took Luke out of his high chair and into the living room to entertain him. While our kitchen fiasco was happening, the mail had been delivered. Luke decided that the Harry & David’s catalog looked good enough to eat tear apart, which was fine, he was happy. I sorted the rest of the mail and printed a shipping label. A faint smell of Thanksgiving came wafting from the kitchen. The sweet potatoes!

A lift of the lid and Thanksgiving turned into that pungent smell that only burnt food cooked into the metal of the saucepan can produce. And typing that sentence just reminded me that the food that I set aside to be refrigerated for the next couple of meals is still sitting on the counter. One sec… and back. The pureed bananas look leopard print from being left out for the past hour.

So here I am, typing this in a t-shirt and underwear (did I mention it’s laundry day overdue and I was wearing my last pair of clean pants – regular AND pajama pants included) waiting patiently for the dryer to buzz, in a house that smells like burnt food, with a baby going to town on the Harry & David’s catalog, my feet stained with blueberries and which are also now inevitably crusted into the portions of the freezer that I didn’t get wiped up immediately when I decided to stop wiping because my pants were more important (the pants were only a month old, and I do want a new refrigerator after all, haha).

Oh well. At least I can cross ‘make baby food’ off my to-do list.

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