Missing October

October Leaves

Although February might be mathematically the shortest month of the year – October always flies past the fastest. Every year it contains within its 31 days at least 7 birthdays to celebrate/shop for, a few weddings to attend (October is the new June after all), a few weddings to wrap up the stationery for, parties to throw, weather to enjoy and holiday stuff to prepare. THIS year in addition to the usual October-happenings (but sans any of my traditional fall fêtes) we’ve had my pregnancy to contend with as well. That’s added two trips to the OB-GYN, two trips to the podiatrist and a trip to the Walgreens Take Care Clinic, as well as just generally slowing everything down. I’m still hoofing it through my commute, according to my Jawbone UP I’m actually logging about 5 miles of walking a day, but I’ve missed my fair share of trains due to being overall weighted/slowed down. I’m sure it’s got something to do with Hans’ position, but somedays I feel more front-weighted than others. As of our last ultrasound, Hans was breached (I don’t blame him, I wouldn’t want to be doing a headstand for so many weeks on end), but no one is concerned about that yet since he’s still got plenty of time to concede to the downward position that he’ll need to be in for delivery.

Knock on wood, the third trimester hasn’t been as bad as I thought it would be (seriously, why is there no wood at my desk?!). There’s still time for discomfort to settle in, but in the meantime, the incredibly random case of Athlete’s Foot that I’ve procured has been keeping my mind off of anything that could be bothering me in relation to being pregnant. As of my podiatrist appointment earlier today, it looks like this is something that I’ll be dealing with throughout the rest of my pregnancy and likely won’t be ‘cured’ until post-pregnancy/nursing when I’m able to take heavier medication to eradicate it. On a positive note, I’ve been doing an impeccable job of not spreading it to any other parts of my body, and have also kept Mike from experiencing the joys of a fungal infection as well. In lieu of just using the prescribed creams, I’m also adding Vick’s Vapor Rub (on my toes) and apple cider vinegar (as a foot soak) into the mix as I’ve heard from friends and family that those have worked for them – and won’t harm the baby.

In the midst of the whirlwind that is October my birthday crept up on me. Although I spent most of my birthday at work, and then another hour and a half on top of that waiting at my printer for them to finish up some wedding programs, I was still able to have a lovely evening with Mike (after 8:30pm when Mike picked me up from my late local train on his way home from work) that consisted of dinner at Steak and Shake (Mike’s still baffled that of all of the places to eat for my birthday dinner, I chose there… hey, the baby wants what the baby wants – and what the baby [and myself] wanted was a small milk shake, a thin hamburger and some greasy french fries), and then returning home for cupcakes and presents (I was really surprised that Mike went out and bought me cupcakes from a bakery). The next evening, while Mike had to work, my dad and I went out to California Pizza Kitchen to celebrate my birthday “part 2”. We had a great evening and a leisurely dinner – which I’m coming to realize while observing families dining out with kids – isn’t something that you get very often (there seemed to be a much more rapid turnover at those tables…). I finished out my birthday weekend by having a few of my girlfriends over for dinner on Sunday, when I successfully braised a chicken (much to Mike and my surprise – we were convinced it wasn’t going to cook through).

Now that wedding season 2013 is over, and consequently October is pretty much over as well, I’ve got a few days to sorta breathe before November and all of its events ramp up. At the rate that October flew past me, I fear that in what will feel like a week, Christmas will be over as well. Perhaps I should just start looking ahead to shopping for Christmas 2014 and planning Hans’ first birthday party now so that maybe next year I won’t feel nearly as behind haha.