Recycling Day

Mike and I took out the trash and recycling last night to be ready for garbage pickup this morning. We decided to make it easier for the garbage/recycling folks we’d split up what side of the driveway we used for each this week. This was the recycling side – we both felt a little ridiculous when we surveyed the ‘line-up’ of boxes and such. Thank goodness recycling is free where we live!

There were only 4 trash cans on the other side of the driveway πŸ™‚


Saying Goodbye to Wilson

Mike and I went over to the Wilson house (formerly referred to as the ‘rental’ property in my previous blog entires – now that we don’t live there anymore, I’ll refer to it as the Wilson house) to vacuum, dust and drop off a set of keys. The house looked so small without any furniture and things in it – and compared to the much larger house that we’ve been living in now for 3 days.

It feels like we’ve come a long way – even though we physically only moved 3 miles.

Oh, and note to self: there was an obscene amount of dust in that house when all of the furniture had been removed, must create a regime to make sure that does not happen in the new house – we both have too many allergies to be living with so much dust.

Moving Day

All of those cars are folks who came by to lend Mike and me a hand! You can see the moving truck tucked behind the bushes in our second driveway.

Thank goodness for Walfed (which is Walgreen’s version of Sudifed) – that at least kept me breathing through my nose most of the day yesterday.

After two last carloads from the rental to the new house, the rental was ready to be loaded onto the 17 foot truck that Mike rented.

Our band of merry men were a little delayed in arriving, so the first load was taken care of by our dads, my brother, Mike and our friend and former roommate Jim.

For the second truck load (plus an additional carload apparently) our forces almost doubled when our friends Steve, Mark and Szymanski showed up to pitch in. Another Steve showed up just in time for the last thing to be removed from the truck, but Mike kept him busy inside the house moving furniture as he decided where everything was going to go (Mike is a genius with furniture layout). All in all, the moving portion of Saturday was finished in less than 3 hours!

When it comes to actual moving days, I have a few skills myself: The first was utilized a couple years ago when my friends Richard and Nate had me watch the truck during their move. That might sound pointless, but the neighborhood that they were moving out of was a tad sketchy, and let me tell you I watched the hell out of that truck as everyone loaded it (haha). The second moving skill that I have was utilized yesterday as I perched by our back door and told people what rooms to put things in as they came off the truck. Mike later informed me that he’d already instructed people, so I was really just repeating himself.

The only real suspenseful moment (to my knowledge) was when the couch wouldn’t fit through the door. It probably didn’t help having me standing there going “oh darn, looks like we need to go buy a new couch!” Our couch is massive, old, and broken (there’s a piece of wood the size/thickness of a door under the cushions so you don’t totally sink down). Unfortunately (but I guess fortunately for our pocketbooks) the couch eventually made its way inside (now I just have to hope they remember how to get it out when the blessed day comes that we’re able to buy a new couch).

Once everything was inside, Mike’s mom took care of feeding everyone a hearty lunch of sloppy joes, potato salad (Mike’s favorite), chips and a ton of cookies.

Eventually all of the men made their way down to the finished basement to hang out while my mom and mother-in-law stuck around to help me get the beds made, unpack the rest of the dining room and do other such ladylike things.

By the end of the day, we only looked like partial horders – having four rooms virtually finished. I’ll post finished pictures all at once, but in the meantime, below are some shots of the house as it got filled:

The Living Room

The Study/Media Room. Mike made a game day decision to put our TV in here and use our actual living room as a formal living room (Yay, I was hoping we wouldn’t put the TV in the living room!)

The Master Bedroom (actually the we turned the real master bedroom into the stufy/media room). I learned from our last move and made sure to have the bed sheets washed and ready to be slept in right away!

The Basement – didn’t realize we had an organ til I started to pack up the basement in the old house!

Twas The Eve Before Moving

I took today off of work so that massive moving progress could be made in hopes of best preparing for tomorrow’s move. Helene, Tory and myself filled up two cars and took those two cars on two trips, and Mike took at least 4 (I lost count after that) trips over in his truck. And yet, after a long day of unpacking, putting things in the right rooms, and slowly becoming more not feeling well (I told you this would happen!), we returned home after going out to dinner with my family to still more stuff that needs to be packed before the furniture move tomorrow!

All I wanted to do when we got home was curl up on the couch with Mike and watch a few episodes of Community before getting to bed early. Ah well, perhaps I can sneak in a trip or two of stuff that doesn’t belong on the truck before our band of merry men show up tomorrow morning to empty out the rental house. And by band of merry men, I mean, a whole bunch of Mike’s guy friends who he has moving currency with.

What is moving currency you might wonder? Well, to those of us in our twenties, each time you move and recruit friends to help you are expected to do two things: 1) Provide them with donuts/coffee, pizza and beer; 2) help them move when they decide to get some new digs (translation: a new place to live). Mike is very strong and skilled when it comes to moving people, so thankfully, he has accrued enough moving currency to make tomorrow go by pretty fast (in theory).

This will probably be my last post until Sunday morning (then expect some pictures!!!) as Comcast isn’t slotted to bring us the interwebs until Sunday morning. So until then, think warm dry thoughts for us (as the current forecast reads a high of 48 and rainy).

It must be a chilly morning in Hades

For those of you who follow my Facebook rantings on the subject of Comcast, you can guess that I wasn’t looking forward to having to move account to the new house – I mean every time Comcast and I talk on the phone I’m pretty sure my blood pressure skyrockets and I end up in a foul mood.

One thing I dislike about the internet is that we’re getting to the point with ‘Live Chats’ and automatic websites that make it almost impossible to locate a customer service number. I’m a human, and I prefer talking to humans when making a potentially complicated transaction.

In my hunt to locate the customer service number I noticed a button that said ‘Moving?’ why yes, I am moving – so I clicked on it. Just enter in your current address and where you’re moving to. Could this be happening, could I not have to call Comcast?! Now select the date that you’d like to discontinue the service on your current residence and the date you’d like your new service installed (for non-Comcast users, you have to pay for someone to come out and “install” your service). I went to select a date between today and Monday, but alas, the earliest date that I could select was May 2nd. Well, that’s not what I want.

More digging around their site finally yielded a phone number. And then the most miraculous thing happened. I spoke to a cheery Comcast rep. who actually listened when I told her that no, I don’t want to upgrade anything, no, I don’t want to add any services and yes, I just want my bill to stay the same (hello $66/mo). Further more, when it came time to schedule the “installation” (I put it in quotes, because I’m pretty sure I’m capable of plugging the internet into my computer and not charging myself $30) I held my breath as I told her I’d like it done sometime between right now and Monday. Read, NOT May 2nd. She said sure thing! How about Sunday? Done and done. Then I waited for the dreaded 4 hour window that they like to give themselves, where the “installation” man inevitably comes at hour 3:59:57 or more often 4:03:35. But my cheery rep. merely stated that they’d be at my new house Sunday morning (I asked for morning) between 8-9am (I was cool with first thing in the AM, maybe then they won’t be running late). Rewind, that’s a 1 hour window of time.

A 1 hour window of time that isn’t May 2nd and my bill is staying the same – the clouds are parting and rays of sun are beaming down from the heavens. And I’m pretty sure my blood pressure didn’t spike once.

Man Down!

The year 2012 has been like running three back-to-back ‘marathons’ in a row. We started off the year with our first ‘marathon’: finalizing our wedding plans and tying the knot. After a couple weeks of wedded bliss we started the second ‘marathon’: searching for and buying a house. And now, in the midst of our third ‘marathon’, we’re passed the halfway point of getting the house ready to move in/starting to move things from the rental house Β into the new house, and are about to hit what real runners call ‘the wall’.

After a solid week of moving, sorting, lifting, packing, unpacking, painting, cleaning, and a lot of other -ing words, the move is beginning to take its toll (and we’re not done yet). I came home from work today to the sight of Mike sitting on the couch wrapped up in a fleece blanket (not a good sign). His allergies have gotten the best of him and now he needs to rest up in order to be able to right as rain for the move on Saturday (pun intended, it’s supposed to be chilly and rainy on Saturday).

If what he’s got is not allergies, then it’s only a matter of days before I too am suffering. Which means it’s time for my “Don’t Get Sick” breakfast of champions: Gatorade and Emergen-C (mmmmm).

For me right now it’s a matter of mind over matter, as I’m still daunted by the work left ahead to get out of the rental house. But what’s really helping (both physically and mentally) is the support of my family. How can you not be motivated to pack another few boxes and take another car load over when you have an enthusiastic team ready and willing to help? This evening after work, my Mom, Dad and brother descended upon the house and got almost the entire rest of the kitchen and the majority of my office moved over to the new house.

On the second trip back to the rental to pick up more stuff I thanked my teenage brother for all of his help this week (he got off school early yesterday due to the ACT’s and instead of hanging out with his friends, he called Mike to see what he could do to help and proceeded to aid Mike in bringing another car load of stuff over to the new house). I explained to Ian that it really meant a lot to Mike and me, and to my surprise he said he really enjoys helping us out.

Hopefully Mike will wake up tomorrow with the ability to breathe through his nose and thanks to my family – I’ll have the motivation to pack another carload or two tomorrow night after work.

Plenty of Cooks in the Kitchen

My mom and I decided today that a good use of Tuesday evening would be to clean the new kitchen so we could start unpacking that room in hopes of getting some of the boxes that are everywhere out of the way before the furniture comes through this weekend. It took about 3 hours to plow through cleaning the kitchen and putting the new kitchen supplies away (we still need to bring over the rest of our kitchen supplies from the rental house). In that process we learned that too much Mrs. Meyer’s cleaning supplies makes Sydney cough and wheeze, so that was fun.

You’ll notice a ton of post-it’s on the cabinets: since Mike wasn’t at the house when Helene and I were trying to find homes for things, I figured it might be helpful for him to know what is in each cabinet/drawer as of right now – and this way if he wants to move something to a more practical spot, he can move the post-it as well, and I’ll know where it went.

Mike and I decided early on that we weren’t going to do any painting/home improvements in the kitchen this year – not until we can afford to put in new flooring, countertop, sink, backsplash and throw on a couple coats of paint. At some point in the near future, I’d like to buy new hardware for the cabinets and drawers, I think that will go a long way in updating the look of them. Thankfully, Home Depot has 1300 drawer/cabinet pulls to pick from, most of which are under $6/each (good thing – since we have more drawers and cabinets than I know what to do with).

I think bringing over the rest of our kitchen supplies and starting to bring over my office is what’s on deck for tonight.