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The Saturday after Thanksgiving is for decorating – it’s pretty much the kick-off to the Christmas season. With Christmas music setting the tone, the house is transformed from donning its metaphorical street clothing into its finest holiday dress. It’s something that Mike and I really look forward to (I’m not just lumping him into that statement, he is all about the Christmas decorating).

Two days before Luke was born, Mike and I decked the halls. While Mike put up the tree (which also entails covering it in as many lights as humanly possible), I went about decorating the living and dining rooms with nutcrackers, angels, stockings and other Christmasy do-dads. Later that evening (Mike was still working on the tree – 720 lights is a time commitment) my in-laws came over to keep us company. It was a festive evening of anticipation for both the upcoming season and Luke’s (at that point Hans’) big arrival. Little did we know, that would actually be less than 48 hours later.

From the moment that Luke came home, until yesterday afternoon, the Christmas tree was lit. Seriously, we never unplugged it. In addition to being the center of our Christmas decorations, the tree became a large night light while we were up with Luke in the dark and something to carry him over to, to look at and tell him about, during the day. Sometimes we’d set his bouncer next to the tree and he’d turn his head and just stare – at what probably looked to him like a bunch of blurry bright blobs.

For as long as I can remember, I always dreaded taking down the Christmas decorations (Mom, before you chime in, note that that sentence isn’t insinuating that I necessarily helped take down the Christmas decorations as a kid… merely that the fact that I didn’t look forward to when you did it). As an adult, I look even less forward to undecorating – since now not only is Christmas being packed up, but I have to be the one to do it (Mike helps).

When I woke up with Luke this morning around 6:30, it was a little strange not seeing the familiar multi-colored glow of the Christmas tree welcoming us into the living room. In its place, Mike had put a single night light. And yet, as the sun started to rise and the room came more into view it felt fresh, open and familiar. Almost like a visual to the end of an era (albeit a short era) – we used up the last of Luke’s newborn diapers last night, he’s out of his newborn clothing as well. Yesterday the holidays were officially over and today I have a 6 week old baby wearing size 1 diapers and his 3 month clothing and waking up from his nap as I type this… gotta go attend to Luke!



While working on Studio255’s new website with Mike, he asked which gallery of images was going to link to the EVERYDAY photo/wording on the homepage. I couldn’t remember what I had decided, so I clicked on the photo to find out. It took me to the gallery of my Valentine’s Day cards:

MIKE: Look, Valentine’s Day isn’t everyday, but I can see how you’d think that when you live with me and everyday is Valentine’s Day.


A few minutes later (after we got a good laugh in):

SYDNEY: Will you be needing on of Studio255’s Valentine’s Day cards for Valentine’s Day this year? They’re on that table over there.

MIKE: I make all my own cards now….

SYDNEY: So I should leave out some supplies for you…

T-minus 7 Days

Yesterday, I happened to glance down at the Days til Christmas Countdown on my phone and saw the number 7. I did a double take, not believing my eyes, and then mentally did the math in my head.

This has to be the most behind I’ve ever been in Christmas preparations. Thankfully, with the holiday rush subsided on my Etsy (I cut off pre-holiday shipping on the 10th of December) I finally am regaining the headspace to get personal stuff done again.

Last night when I got home from work I decided that the non-bill mail pile had gotten too large and it was time to sift through it. What I found was about 3 months worth of magazines yet to be read. I adore magazines, and during the simpler times in my life I would lay in bed for hours on any given weekend morning reading them. Lately, between working and my love affair with my kindle, my magazines have gone unread. Before retiring to bed last night, I checked my calendar to confirm my lack of plans and decided that there will be several hours of me time this weekend, located in bed with reading materials of the paper persuasion.

The rest of the weekend will probably be spent braving the malls, shopping for the remaining folks on our Christmas list. Perhaps the overheated stores blaring Christmas music and filled with stressed shoppers will help me get into the holiday mindset spirit.