Star Wars Day

What happens when your Dad is a Star Wars fan and your Mom is a graphic designer? You celebrate Star Wars Day in style:


In the May the Fourth Be With You image, I kid you not, Luke posed himself. Here’s the original image:


And because the fun doesn’t stop on May 4th:


Original image below (the reason behind the freaky eyes):


I left the original artists’ watermarks on the images, gotta give credit where credit is due 🙂

Side note, Luke LOVED being a Sith, mostly because it meant being wrapped up in my sweatshirt. He was the happiest Sith there ever was!


one, two, three, four, FIVE


Can we take a minute to take in the fact that I’ve got a five month old. Holy cow! I remember before Luke was born, when people asked if I was excited I usually replied that I’d be excited in March, once we were all sleeping and I was all recovered from having the baby. Looking back, I really overestimated the chaos of the first couple months. I was pretty much physically recovered by my 6 week check-up and for the most part we’ve all been sleeping since the beginning of February. Luke remains a very happy and content baby, and has been that was since well before March.


Anywho, it’s well passed March by now. Easter and Luke’s baptism have come and gone (I keep meaning to post about that day, but in the meantime I’ll state that Luke handled his baptism like a boss – I think that’s the term that the cool kids are using nowadays). Easter also meant that Luke’s Auntie (Aunt Tory… Aunt-T… Auntie) and Uncle Ian were coming into town. But, again, more on that in the Easter/Baptism post that I have yet to write.

In the photo above you see Luke’s mouth is open in a purposeful way. If there was sound with that photo, you’d hear a loud excited yell. Luke has traded his soft coos and babbling for loud, excited shouts and sequels. We often joke that he doesn’t have an indoor volume. He mostly likes to excitedly shout when he’s standing on a lap, making eye contact.


We try to give Luke plenty of tummy time, but honestly, the kid really just likes to stand (and shout). Perhaps he’ll take after his dad and run before he does anything else. In the meantime, when we do work on tummy time, Luke has been perfecting the roll, off of his tummy and onto his back. He’s also mastered grabbing. Grabbing his toys, grabbing blankets… grabbing my hair, grabbing Mike’s beard.


This past month or so, Luke’s hair has really started to fill in. He still has the swath of dark hair on the back of his head that he had at birth, but the rest of his dark baby hair has been replaced with light brown/blondish. Above, you might also see a couple of tiny scratches around his forehead. That’s because, 1. he tries to scratch his head when he’s tired (and we try very hard to keep that from happening), 2. we’re still dealing with the cradle cap (which went away for his baptism… only to come back the next day). He’s also got a little bit of stubborn eczema on his left cheek. Thankfully, we’ve found something that’s been decreasing both the forehead cradle cap as well as the eczema, so hopefully those will clear up soon.

Another big focus for us this past month has been crib naps. When Luke was smaller he’d take the occasional nap in the crib, but would nap much longer if napping on someone. Thanks to a device that is strapped on the side of his crib that has soft lights and music, he’s more likely to focus on that and drift off to sleep than before when he’d cry upon being placed in his crib for a nap. I was worried that the device would become a sleep prop and negatively affect bed time, but that doesn’t seem to be the case. He still goes to sleep awake at night and drifts off to sleep naturally sans help from any lights or music.


Month five also marks a wardrobe change for the trumpet photos. Luke’s grown out of the original onesie that he wore, as well as that same onesie in the next size up. Mike and I wanted to continue with the grey stripes, orange details and navy, so we selected this outfit and purchased it in two sizes. But since his pants now blend into the blanket that he’s laying on a little bit, I’ve also included a pantsless shot, because who doesn’t love baby legs!