Finding Balance

February brought a host of changes to our household. The biggest change by far was my heading back to work part-time. As much as I absolutely love spending mornings playing with Luke and afternoons snuggling during his nap on the days that I’m not working part-time, I’ve also found my new job invigorating. It’s a whole new environment with new design projects to tackle. And while I don’t love the subzero temperatures, that I’d hoped would have passed by the time I started commuting again, it’s really, really nice to get fresh air (even if I am breathing it through a scarf haha). It took a lot of restraint not to take Luke for a walk last week when we had that one day above freezing with no precipitation – but I remembered the fiasco last time it hit the 40s and we went walking when it was muddy, icy and windy. But mark my words, once the sidewalks are clear enough, there will be walks. Lots of walks.

The balance isn’t so much an issue on the 2.5 days a week that I’m working at my new job – but rather the 4.5 days a week that I’m wearing the hats of Mom, business owner and housekeeper (I use that last term loosely). Obviously when Luke is in my care, he takes priority – but as soon as he goes down for a nap (especially if it’s a morning nap since those are fairly consistent and longer), I have to spring into action on my freelance/Etsy work. Thankfully Mike is always more than willing to lend me a helping hand – whether it be spending his mornings off hanging out with Luke so that I can be up in my office working, making dinner when I’m on my way home from the city or packaging stamps for me after I’ve gone to bed – I’m not too proud to admit that I couldn’t wear so many hats alone.

Having my family close by has also been a dream come true. Everybody wins, my parents get to spend time with Luke and I get to check things off of my to-do list. And on the days that no one is around and Luke just wants to spend his afternoon nap in my arms instead of in his crib I’m more than okay with leaving those other hats off to the side for the duration of his nap because he’s only going to want to sprawl out on me for so long (unless of course he’s like me, who still will lean on my mom/dad/siblings if there’s an open seat on the couch next to them).


While Luke’s bedroom has a nautical theme – the couch in our living room seems to be where the monkeys hang out 🙂


Two Months

While to the rest of the United States today is Super Bowl Sunday (don’t get me wrong, Luke and I are huge Seahawks fans… so today is definitely a big day), in our household it’s also the day that Luke turns two months old.

I’ve found myself saying “that’s classic Luke” quite a bit. I think it’s because he’s developing a bit of a personality and there is some predictability to his actions/moods/patterns. Some “Classic Luke” things are:
• How no one makes sleeping look so uncomfortable as Luke. We’ll hear him over the baby monitor grunting and shifting around in his sleep, or witness it first hand when he’s sleeping on our chests.
• The intense stillness that comes over him once he’s pooped and is having that particular diaper changed, almost as if he’s horrified at what has transpired in his diaper and just wants it off as swiftly as possible.
• The way that he thrusts his head at whoever is holding him’s chest when he’s hungry.
• The incredibly smelly gas that he emits.
• When he’s hanging out in bed with us (we’re awake, no co-sleeping in this household), if he’s placed on Mike’s chest, he’ll scoot himself until his head is on Mike’s pillow. Every time.
• When it gets close to 7pm he’ll start to act like he’s sleeping for about 10 minutes, then as soon as you have him hovering over his crib or snug on your chest, his eyes will pop wide open, he’ll be very alert and looking around excitedly, as if to be saying “I’m back guys, what did I miss?” This continues until we put him to bed between 8-9:30.

Speaking of 8-9:30, this past month we’ve definitely turned the corner on sleep. Luke used to stay awake for what Mike referred to as “special time” with just the two of them until 11pm, sometimes as late as 1am (I’d be sleeping during this time). Then all of the sudden a natural bedtime emerged. Now if we put Luke in his crib awake between 8-9:30 after giving him one last meal for the night, he’ll put himself to sleep without a peep and, several times this past week, has slept until 5:30-7am (I’ve probably just jinxed it).

Luke’s awake time has become more interactive as well. Instead of just laying on his play mat staring up at the little animals hanging down and moving his arms and legs involuntarily, he will sometimes hit specific things while looking at them. The same goes for the animals hanging over his bouncer seat. He can easily occupy himself for 20 minutes chatting with the various creatures and taking swats at them. The chats that he has with people are even more endearing. Luke always seems to know just what to say 😉

I think this is the last month that Luke will be sporting this particular outfit for his monthly photo (it was also his coming home from the hospital outfit). When I put it on him today it seemed that he was wary of hulking out of it as he laid incredibly still while I took the majority of the photos (the first several photos he’s got his arms at his sides and his legs straight out), eventually moving a leg slightly and reaching an arm out. He also seemed more aware of the trumpet’s existence and showed a little interest in it by glancing over and touching it. So, without further ado, Luke’s 2 Month photos: