Blame it on the Casa Loma (Part 1)

Now that you have ‘Blame it on the Bossa Nova’ stuck in your head… I’ll continue 😉

I’m sure that Sir Henry Pellatt and his wife were definitely blaming their fate on the Casa Loma. The cliff notes version of their tale is that in the early 1900’s Sir Henry had a bunch of money and decided that he wanted to have a castle built for him in Toronto. Some unfortunate business happenings + the cost of maintaining/living in a castle drove Sir Henry and his wife deep into debt, so much so, that after 10 years of living in Casa Loma they were forced to move and most of their belongings found their way onto the auction block (many of which were outed as fakes). Eventually Casa Loma was finished and now is a historical spot for tourists to explore, many films to be shot and weddings to be had.

Mike, Aunt Kelli, Uncle Scott and I wandered the grounds with self-guided tours – sometimes running into each other and other times exploring on our own. Eventually we all found each other in a room atop one of the towers – but we didn’t mingle there long – Casa Loma is without air conditioning (obviously) and it took many flights of stairs to make it up to the top (5 or 6 flights I think).

Part 1 of this post consists of exterior (or views to the exterior) photos.


Mike and myself in the gardens


View looking up at Casa Loma from the street-level gardens


Looking out of one of the tower windows at the stables across the street. Sir Henry tried to get the city of Toronto to close the street to make it easier for crossing, but when the city refused Sir Henry resorted to building an 800 foot tunnel under the street, connecting the stables and the castle.


View of the Toronto skyline from the tower inside the castle


Looking down into the gardens from one of the bedrooms


Mike listening to the self-guided audio tour

CasaLoma_23_sm CasaLoma_18_sm CasaLoma_10_sm CasaLoma_8_sm CasaLoma_7_sm CasaLoma_1_sm


So, what did you think?

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