Hot Breakfast Saturdays

Every Saturday growing up, my parent’s house would be filled with music (either show tunes like Les Miserables or classic rock like Van Morrison) and they would would make either pancakes, waffles or french toast. Dad would heat up the syrup and we’d all sit down to breakfast together. I have fond memories of those mornings and sometimes if I happen to find myself out and about on a Saturday morning, I’ll make my way over to my parent’s house to say hi and grab a pancake or two.

Making pancakes has always been hit or miss with me – usually a miss (don’t ask how someone can mess up pancakes) and I’ve never attempted French Toast [until this past Saturday] on my own, so I never thought of continuing the tradition at my own house.

While sifting through Pinterest, I began to notice that I ‘liked’ a lot of cute breakfasty things that I thought might be nice to make for Mike some day. One of them that kept cropping up was a bacon/egg dish that was made in a muffin pan. It looked easy enough, so one Saturday morning while Mike was still sleeping I crept out of bed, lined the sides of the muffin pan with bacon, whipped up the egg/cheese mixture, poured it inside each little bacon ring and popped it in the oven for 30 minutes. The best part was that it only took a couple minutes to prepare and I could now go back to bed for a half hour.

The plan was for Mike to wake up to the wafting smell of breakfast – but he actually woke up when I came back to bed. I told him to go to sleep for 30 more minutes and then to wake up with it smelled good. It sure did smell good – and tasted good too. We ate all 9 little bacon/egg cups and enjoyed some pineapple spears along with them. And from that Saturday morning on, instead of just spending time together over cereal, I make a hot breakfast of some sort (omelets, pancakes – when they turn out, lots of bacon, and hopefully when my new breakfast cook book comes in the mail, plenty of more fun things).



One of my favorite times to live in my house

I really like living in my house – or else we probably wouldn’t have purchased it – but there’s a window of time that I REALLY REALLY like living here. It’s when the weather gets nice enough to turn off the heat, but before it gets oppressively hot and the air conditioner is required. We throw open most of the windows and the house takes on this crisp, natural, outdoors smell and has a very slight humidity about it. The temperature in the mornings is in the low 70s, so it’s pleasantly warm. The East sun is streaming in (this is why I was an advocate for us abandoning taking the West-facing master bedroom for ourselves and instead taking the smaller (East-facing) office for our bedroom). It’s too warm for the blankets, but there’s just enough of a breeze to warrant keeping the sheet on the bed. I absolutely love laying in bed when these conditions are what surrounds me – and even getting ready for work in the morning is a more positive experience when everything is so peaceful, bright and warm.

Alternate Usage

It’s always fun when you discover that a product that you already use has an alternate use:

Image care of Crabtree & Evelyn's website

Image care of Crabtree & Evelyn’s website

A few weeks months ago I was shopping with my mom and friend/brother-in-law’s girlfriend, Andrea at the outlet mall. My mom had recently discovered Crabtree & Evelyn’s new nail polish line, and if you know Helene, you know that she loves a good bottle of nail polish. While perusing C&E’s new nail polish that day the salesman pointed out a new nail product: nail polish removing wipes. Allegedly one wipe could take the nail polish off all your fingers – and they were good for your nails unlike typical nail polish remover.

I’m a sucker for spiel and listened intently as he talked about it’s benefits and showed us their newly formulated hand lotions until several minutes later Helene stepped in and ushered us all to the check-out counter (I believe this was after Andrea and I received hand massages with that newly formulated hand lotion haha).

The spiel worked and I left having purchased the nail wipes, a bottle of nail polish and some new hand lotion (I did need the lotion for my purse, my hands were pretty dry by that point in winter). About a week later, I tested out the nail wipes while removing nail polish from my finger nails, and it definitely lived up to my expectations – one wipe took the polish off all 10 fingernails.

A few weeks later, while Mike was working on my desk (see the post The Desk that Mike Built) his hands became covered in stain. As did most of his lower arms. I came home from work to see him scrubbing in the sink – but to no avail. I intervened when I saw him bring out the steel wool. First we tried a Fresh Brown Sugar Scrub sample that I had in my bathroom drawer. That didn’t really do anything to take the stain off of his hands/arms. Then I had another idea, I grabbed one of the nail polish removing wipes and suggested that he try that instead. I figured that since it’s made to take a varnish off of your nails, maybe it would take a stain off of your skin. And it did. Though it did take two to get the job done (which I suppose is pretty good considering that Mike’s hands/arms take up considerably more space than my 10 fingernails do).

As he continued to stain, he continued to use the wipes afterwards to clean his hands/arms. And then there was one. One wipe left (the box comes with 8). While shopping at the outlet mall a few weeks later with my sister Tory I decided to stop in C&E to pick up another box of the wipes. I’m a chatty person (this probably comes as a shock) and so I told the saleswoman about how Mike had used up the box of wipes cleaning stain off of his arms as she rung up my purchase (just the wipes this time).

Apparently she thought that was just a great story and about a week ago when Tory was shopping at that outlet mall and stopped in C&E to pick up some wipes for Helene, that same saleslady (must not have recognized Tory) started telling her “a customer came in here a few weeks ago and she told me the best story about these wipes, you see her husband’s hands were covered in stain and …” Tory interjected with “Yes, I know that story – my sister told it to you a few weeks ago!”