I don’t know forestry, But I know what I like

A good politician should know a thing or two about graphic design, or at least know a graphic designer who knows a thing or two about graphic design. There have been studies done of past presidential elections where the font that a candidate uses to represent himself is analyzed and a winner is predicted based on that font selection. And it has been right. Now, because this is not a political blog site and I don’t like debating things like politics, I won’t get into my opinions on the candidate’s logos for this election – but let’s just say that I have an idea of who is going to win based on how they’ve chosen to graphically represent themselves – the winner should be obvious in terms of design. So instead of Romney vs. Obama, let’s look at this guy:

Joe Cantore – he’s running for the District 2 Forest Preserve. I’ve seen a few of his signs around town, and I like what I see. It’s not an obnoxious shade of red or blue and it’s pretty clear that he’s running for something involving nature. Disclaimer – I just found out what his political party is (I like that I don’t know that from his sign) and I don’t know any of what he stands for or anything about this man in general. Other than he’s got good taste in design. In fact, I couldn’t even tell you who he’s running against, well now I could because I Googled it, but before, I hadn’t seen any other lawn signs that had caught my attention (aside from the usual Romney and Obama signs), so I was unaware that he even had opposition.

While I won’t say that I’m going to vote for this man solely because of the graphic design on his sign, I feel like I’m opening myself up for criticism if I say that 😉 I will say that his solid use of design has peaked my interest enough to learn more about him and perhaps enough to vote in that portion of the election (I’ve never voted straight party and I try to avoid voting in races that I know nothing about – remind me to tell you about the time I voted for governor sometime haha).


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