Some Olympic Trivia

While North America patiently waits for NBC to air the Opening Ceremonies (technically happening live at 3:30pm Central) tonight (taped), here’s some trivia and current happenings to tide you over 🙂

From the Washington Post
• This is London’s 3rd time hosting the Olympics (1908, 1948 and now 2012)
• No surprise after seeing The Bird’s Nest and the Opening Ceremonies, but Beijing’s Olympics were the most expensive to-date with a $40 billion price tag! Conversely, the budget for this year is in the ballpark of $4 billion.
• London’s main Olympic venue this year was constructed with 50% recycled materials!
• Due to the increase in worth of gold and silver this year’s gold medals are 30% lighter than the 2010 Olympic medals, but cost $165 more. Total worth of each 2012 Olympic gold medal? Priceless. But seriously, it’s $640.
• Larisa Latynina is the most decorated Olympian of all-time with 18 medals – Michael Phelps has 16 and is hoping to break that record. Would it be a modern summer Olympics if Mr. Phelps wasn’t breaking some record?
• This is the first Olympics where all 205 nations are sending female athletes to compete!!! And Team USA has sent 8 more women than men this year (269 women to 261 men). And most importantly, even Brunei, Qatar and Saudi Arabia are sending women to the games! Girl Power 🙂

From ABC News
Word on the street is that long-time teammate Ryan Lochte is going to be giving Michael Phelps a run for his money in his quest to be the most decorated Olympian ever. Apparently Ryan has been beating Mike lately (at the 2011 World Championships and at the U.S. Trials). Come on gentlemen, there’s room on the podium for multiple medal winners! The two claim to be fierce competitors but also great friends.

From the Los Angeles Times
Still trying to wrap my brain around this headline: “Legally blind archer sets world record” This happened today in a ranking round and yielded Team South Korea a team record as well.

And finally, while in the elevator today at work, I saw a headline that Team USA’s swimmers created their own spoof of the popular “Call Me Maybe” video. Enjoy!


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