Americans generally like to be patriotic. We hang flags for 4th of July, Memorial Day & Veterans Day, we have parades, cook-outs and purchase the iconic $5 Old Navy flag t-shirt each year.

Every two years, we get a refreshing 2 week jolt of patriotism that unites the country in one goal: going for the gold. We love to win and our athletes are good at delivering on that. This week I’ve heard several plans being made by my co-workers for Opening Ceremonies viewing parties – and naturally I’ve already lined up who I’ll be glued to the TV with on Friday night as well.

Just as when I was growing up, during the last Olympics, back when I had TV (as you may recall, Mike and I now just stream our TV shows through the internet via the Roku) the Olympics were pretty much on the entire time I was at home. I’m always surprised when someone admits to me that they never really got into the Olympics growing up. I was all about the competition of the races, the artistry of gymnastics and skating and the fashion of the Opening Ceremonies. I knew Team USA by name and could tell you which country was suspected of cheating (China in women’s gymnastics) and who took out Nancy Kerrigan (Tonya Harding). I stood up in suspense watching Michael Phelps break his records (it’s just a coincidence that I happened to marry someone who looks like a young Mr. Phelps…) and picked my jaw up off the floor while watching free-style skiing (mind still = blown). How could you not get into the games?!

Earlier today I happened across a link on Twitter that caught my eye, it was something along the lines of art being an olympic sport and the Nazis ruined it (no surprise there, the Nazis pretty much ruin everything…). How could you not click on that? The article was fascinating. Seriously, read it (link is in the word ‘article’).

As a kid, I dreamed of being in the Olympics – how cool would that be! Unfortunately, my less than stellar athletic performance, at well, anything, kept that dream at bay. And now I find out that had various unfortunate happenings not happened I could have had a shot competing in the Olympics as an artist!!!

The events (yes, plural) centered around athletic-inspired art (and composed music). So, in honor of the fallen sport of my people (fellow artists and musicians) I’ve decided to come up with some 2-week-long athletic-inspired art project that will last the duration of the Olympics. I’m mulling over a few ideas as to mediums used and size. The current front-runner is newspaper photographs + sharpies and maybe a little paint. I’ll document my progress here – and get back to blogging regularly in general (I promise!)

So, t-minus 25.5 hours (6:30pm Central Time on Friday)… let the games begin!


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